David Owen the QuizMaster

A sell out quiz on 24 February in Hythe has raised funds for the forthcoming County Council election campaign.  David Owen who is standing for the newly created Hythe West division was the evening’s quizmaster. 

The elections for County Council take place on 04 May and the Boundary Commission has radically redrawn the six County divisions to achieve electoral ‘fairness’ by which they mean each vote has the same weight and each area has as nearly as possible the same number of electors.  The new division of Hythe West includes not only the west of Hythe West but also Lympne and Dymchurch. 

Fundraising and social events take place throughout the year and if you would like to take part, please contact the Conservative office on 01303 253524.  Our next event is a Curry Lunch at Stelling Minnis village hall.  Tickets £20.

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