Damian Collins holds the Folkestone & Hythe seat

Damian Collins has held the Folkestone & Hythe seat for the Conservatives with an increased share of vote and increased majority.  The Conservatives also improved on their performance at the recent County Council elections winning nearly 55% of the vote on a 68% turnout compared to a 43% share of vote on a 34% turnout on 04 May.

Conservative Association chairman, John Duggleby believed this latest result was the biggest ever majority in the Folkestone and Hythe seat but on checking the records found that Sir Albert Costain (the MP before Michael Howard) had a majority of 16,020 which was more than the 15,411 Damian Collins achieved.  Even so, it’s a handsome result and gives us something more to aim for next time.

Labour increased their share of vote at the recent County Council election from 12% to 14% at the General Election.  Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Greens were all down on their share of vote at the County election and at the last General Election but the Liberal Democrats did at least avoid losing their deposit.

A big thank you to everyone who turned out to vote (especially those who voted Conservative). 

Here are the full results

Party                Candidate                    Votes    Share of vote

Conservative         Damian Collins        32,197    54.7%

Labour                    Laura Davison         16,786    28.5%

Liberal Democrat    Lynne Beaumont      4.222      7.2%

UKIP                        Stephen Priestley      2,565     4.4%

Green                       Martin Whybrow      2,498     4.2%

Independent            David Plumstead          493      0.8%

Independent            Naomi Slade                 114      0.2%

NB All candidates who got less than 5% of the vote will lose their deposit.


  • After the count – Damian with family and supporters
  • Damian’s acceptance speech
  • A happy Russell Tillson the Conservative election agent
  • The votes
  • Adjudication of doubtful ballot papers
  • The hall at Three Hills sports centre Folkestone